Prevent Crashes in Oblivion
  Saving bugs

Disable autosave and don't load a save until you have restarted the game.

Why disable autosaves? Autosaves seem to cause problems when an exterior-interior switch is made
If you need an autosave alternative after diabling the autosave, I provide a solution on the crash prevention mods page.

Oblivion's game engine also has a bug where the data in memory isn't purged when you load another save. This can cause bugs, instability and CTDs. In fact, since using the crash prevention methods noted on this site, I have only ever had a potential CTD (potential because WeOCPS prevented the crash) after the second or third time of loading from a save game since starting Oblivion. So basically, I am asking you to load your game once per play session.

This might be a difficult thing to ask of someone who plays Oblivion because of the mistakes you can make in the game. My reasoning is that you should play the game the same way you would if Tamriel was the real world and your character was you. If you try to pickpocket someone and fail, life doesn't give you a reset button to try again. Maybe one should apply that same philosophy to their game.

As for situations which cause your character to die, there are about half a dozen mods which prevent your character from dying (and no, I am not talking about the cheat and God-item mods). Some of them also enforce the no-loading rule.

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