Prevent Crashes in Oblivion
  Hardware tips
Remove dust build-up from your computer every once in a while
Dust restricts airflow and prevents heat from moving away from your components. The best way of removing dust is to use pressurised air. For
non-electronic components (eg, heatsinks), you can safely use a brush to remove the dust. Remember to earth the component (touch against computer's PSU while plugged in with the socket's power switched off) before installing it back into the PC.

Regularly update your hardwares' drivers

Overclocking can cause game instability
Oblivion can become unstable on an overclocked PC even if other games work perfectly well.
Overclocking has also been said to corrupt you windows installation, making it progressively become sluggish, eventually requiring a reinstall to allow your PC to work at fast speeds again.

If you do insist on overclocking your components, make sure you do an extensive stress test to ensure the overclock is perfectly stable before making it a permenant change.

HP software problems
HP software has been reported to cause problems with Oblivion. Turn off your printer/ scanner/ copier and exit all HP related software.
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