Prevent Crashes in Oblivion
  Organise your load order

There have been numerous problems reported that are caused by an incorrect load order.
This problem is relatively easy to fix.

The easiest method is to use BOSS- Better Oblivion Sorting Software. It will automatically sort most, if not all, of your mods into the correct order and numerous users have reported how the mod has made their game more stable. One more thing to note though is that the team responsible for maintaining BOSS have a Google Code website dedicated to maintaining BOSS's Masterlist file (contains a list of every mod BOSS recognises and it is this list that is used to determine the load order for your mods). This Google Code list is updated quite frequently (usually 2 or 3 times a day) whereas the TESNexus list is only updated once or twice a month. If you have a few mods which BOSS doesn't recognise, you can get the latest version of the masterlist from the Google Code website by using this link (right-click on link then click Save As). If you still have unrecognised mods after getting the latest version, please report them to the people that maintain BOSS. You will help to improve the program.

For the rest that aren't sorted, you can use Wrye Bash or OBMM (Oblivion Mod Manager).

Wrye Bash allows you to directly input a date for the plugin (load order is controlled by the date on a plugin) or use Ctrl + up or down arrow to move one or a group of plugins up or down one slot per press while OBMM only allows moving a single plugin up or down your load order one slot per click. Take your pick (I recommend you get both).

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