Prevent Crashes in Oblivion
  Mods which cause crashes
Now we come to the list of mods which are known to cause crashes. Here it is:

Pluggy v122 by Elys
Pluggy v122 has been tested and shown to increase the chances of a crash on an Interior/ Exterior switch (read the Pluggy readme if you don't believe me). This has been linked to the HUD component added after v91.
If you are experiencing these kind of crashes, try downgrading to v91 or upgrading to the latest version and see if the crashes stop (available on the same page as v122 above).

In fact, the latest version of Pluggy has 2 modes. You can run it with or without the HUD components that caused CTDs in versions 92 - 122. By default, it runs without the HUD components.

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