Prevent Crashes in Oblivion
  Crash prevention measures
The purpose is to provide a compilation of methods and mods which help prevent
bugs and crashes from occuring.

Each point and suggestion is sorted into a short, easy-to-read and to-the-point sub-page. Each page is then placed into one of three categories ("Crash prevention measures", "Mods that prevent bugs and crashes" and "Mods that cause bugs and crashes").

On the left, you will notice those three categories. If you're reading this, you will also have the "Crash prevention measures" category open. Having a category open means that the sub-pages tied to that category are also shown on the left, denoted by an arrow => (wish I could have bullet points but thanks to this web host, I have to settle for a cheap text-based arrow).

Clicking on one of the category headings opens that page's text and expands it's list of sub-pages. Selecting one of those sub-pages then opens the contents of that page.

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Changelog:26 Nov 11
  • Finished changes to "Change Core Affinity and Priority" page.
7 Nov 11
  • Made further modifications to "Change Core Affinity and Priority" page.

6 Nov 11
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5 May 11
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  • Added some links on the right of every page to implement List Poisoning. You may click the links to find out how to implement List Poisoning on your own website.

26 Jan 11
  • Overhauled the "'s Oblivion Tweak Guide" page.
  • Corrected a few typos.

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