Prevent Crashes in Oblivion
  Fast Quit 2

Fast Quit 2 by Scanti and Skyranger-1

This OBSE plugin lets you quit the game without the game crashing, giving the game a chance to save it's ini file and making the quitting process much faster.

I have personally used this mod and I can vouch that this mod does what it is advertised to do. Before using this mod, my game would crash on exit nearly every time. The Oblivion ini file was also usually not saved which meant that any changes I made ingame were lost. Now that this mod is installed in my game, I have not had a single crash on exit and exiting is at least 4 times faster.

If you use Deathless Aphrodite's Clean Quit mod, I recommend that you switch to this mod instead. The reasons being that Fast Exit doesn't require Pluggy (v122 has been confirmed to cause crashes on Interior/ Exterior switches) and it is also more reliable than Clean Quit. DA also mentions in Fast Quit's comments that it makes her mod obsolete. Since I spotted that comment, I have not been able to find Clean Quit on TESNexus, leading me to the conclusion that she deleted it.

This OBSE plugin requires OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender) v0016 or later.

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